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Cockney John - How Many Times

During the mid-1970s you could find yourself packed shoulder to shoulder with like-minded music-loving strangers in sweaty London clubs watching and listening to Punk and new wave music.

In 2013, we have Cockney John who is an enigma, a throwback from the life and music of that period but 100% fun.

This album is a musical cocktail of anything that was 70’s punk and new wave with a twist of today. That genre of music mixed with the original tunes from songsmith Vic Malcolm means that once you hear them you will not get them out of your head.

Cockney John is already a success, so much so that he needs his minder Geordie Jack at his side 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Their first single “How Many Times” due for release on 22 May 2103 is already picking up airplay around Europe and we hope that you will give it a listen and play on your show.

 “Music in 2013 will never be the same…”

 “Every party should have a copy of this CD…”

Cockney John’s album “How many times” is available from our web store and on download from iTunes and Amazon.

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  • "I must say... this is a fantastic single!"
    Bernie Keith's Rock and roll heaven
    BBC Radio
  • "Bo Walton takes listeners back to the 50's with some country flare."