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Do I have a hit song 

We are excited about a new TV show based in the USA and are pleased to announce we are involved in it. We have also published the theme tune.

A song written and sung by singer/songwriter Matt Cook from South Wales, was recorded at their USA studios. "Letting go" has received massive airplay and Matt is currently doing a round f promotional interviews. 

Musik & Film 

Tabitha is pleased to announce that it is now working with US based Musik and Film to promote our music and writers to more than 250,000 stations across the world. 

New releases and signings to Tabitha Music 

 We have signed a number of fantastic songwriters/singers in most genres from around the world including:

Thornton Cline, Doug Kuiper, Mike Boeve, Anjali Ray, King Errisson, Earl Parker, John Smith and Da Ja, Canaan Cox, Thornton Cline, David Cooler, Matt Cook, David Lessing, Steven Wrench, Noreen Crayton from the USA, Brad Tucker from Canada, Bryce Wastney from New Zealand and Kim Fairchild from Norway.

Many of these writers have had their music chosen as "record of the week" and in some cases a number of tracks have been aired. Several of them have had their music featured in films and we will be promoting that as well as their wonderful music in conjunction with Musik and Film in the USA. 

All of the above have had massive airplay around the world and will have albums released this year.

The Ultimate 3 

The Ultimate 3 are based in Grand Rapids Michigan USA and this is their first single release in Europe on the UK indie label Tabitha Records.

Graham Sclater CEO of Tabitha heard their original blend of acoustic and rock music when Andy Mitchell at Audio Bay Mastering sent him some of their songs. The result was the band signing to Tabitha Records and their first official release will be the haunting “I’m Sorry” & “Do you dream in colour.”

The music of The Ultimate 3 is mostly conceived on acoustic guitar by front man vocalist Doug Kuiper. His atypical tuning and dynamic rhythm is the origin of the band's sound. Doug teamed up with Mike Boeve, lead guitarist in 2013. Mike's refined solo work with both acoustic and vintage electric tones create a rich, organic feel. The rhythmic vibe is driven by bassist Mike Steffes who adds the unmistakable sub-tones of a 6 string bass. The combination of the low-driving sub-bass and warm, rhythmic acoustic guitars give The Ultimate 3 their signature sound. After months of searching for the right fit on drums Doug turned to an old friend and former band mate, Dave VerMerris. His hard-hitting, infectious pocket grooves is exactly what their music needed. The Ultimate 3 released their debut album in 2014 and are now writing new material for their second single release in January from Tabitha and a full length album in spring 2018

Doug and Mike are the driving force and primary song-writers in the band. They are both students of the vintage, analogue sound and between tours, the majority of the band's rehearsal time is spent in the studio, tracking and writing with an occasional impromptu concert in West Michigan.

If you wish to view their video here is the link on YouTube to their video for this track:

“I’m Sorry” & “Do you Dream in Colour” from The Ultimate 3 is now available on CD from Tabitha Records TABCDS131 or to download. 


King Errisson

The latest single “Ain’t No Cure for Love” by USA based King Errisson was released by Tabitha Records.

The song written by Canadian, Leonard Cohen, is the first track from the forthcoming album of the same name which followed the full length CD “Songbook” released by Tabitha Records in the summer of 2015.

Tabitha Music CEO, Graham Sclater said: “There are many unknown legends in the world of music and King Errisson is one of them. As well as being the top percussionist in the world, King is also a prolific songwriter and singer and has released more than a dozen albums.

USA Today says

“Few people outside of the music industry know King Errisson, but they know the hall-of-famers he's worked for. He's toured with Neil Diamond since 1976, and Diamond introduces him as the best percussionist in the world. He's played with Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson, Doc Severinsen, Barbra Streisand, Johnny Mathis, Lou Rawls, Barry White and The Carpenters. Like everyone in business from a chief operating officer on down, Errisson knows what it is to be the unsung hero. Errisson, 64, spoke to USA TODAY corporate management reporter Del Jones about coping in a world where the stars take the bows.”

Quincy Jones says:

"I've been not only a friend but a fan of King Errisson's for quite a while now. All I can say is that if you're talking about musicians with a fantastic sense of time and dynamics, then you have to put King's name at the top of the conversation. Welcome to the King's kingdom, it's a sound you'll be glad you found."

As an actor, King has appeared in the movies Uptown Saturday Night (with Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier) and on television in Abe Vigoda’s Fish series and The Watcher, the 1980 remake of The Jazz Singer with Neil Diamond, and the movie Thunderball with Sean Connery.

King has been praised as “the unsung hero behind Motown” by Ray Singleton in her book Berry, Me, and Motown as well as by Berry Gordy in his book To Be Loved for his work with artists such as Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson, the Jackson Five, and many others. He has also worked with Herb Alpert, John Klemmer, Doc Severinsen, Ringo Starr, Blood Sweat & Tears, Jim Stafford, Swamp Dogg, Barbra Streisand, David Cassidy, Bobby Darin, Nancy Wilson, Johnny Mathis, OC Smith, Lou Rawles, Hodges James and Smith, Mickey Stevenson, Barry White and The Carpenters. He was a featured member of the Incredible Bongo Band and has been a member of Neil Diamond’s touring band since 1976.

The latest single from King Errisson “Ain’t No Cure for Love” Tabitha Records - TABCDS1601  is available during his World tour with Neil Diamond during 2016-17 or to download


 The first album on Tabitha Records from David Cooler, (he has already released several albums in the USA including his greatest hits CD,)  is currently being mastered and a track will be released in March prior to the full CD release later this year. In the meantime we are promoting songs from his back catalogue now published by Tabitha Music to radio stations worldwide.


Kim will have her first single "Fly High" released by us on 11th March 


The  Christmas radio "hit" "Light my way this Christmas" from Bryce wias followed by the second single "OK alright". Released on 11th March followed by his album on 12th  May to coincide with this third single "Little Star" and his fourth single in July "Surf the sky."

Six of Bryce's songs from the album have been featured in a film "Last Paradise" which is being shown in cinemas across the world.

 BRAD TUCKER, KING ERRISSON, NOREEN CRAYTON have released their albums through Tabitha.

King is currently on a world tour with Neil Diamond. He has had several songs featured in films as well as a Top 5 single in the USA, and co-writes with Neil. 

Cockney John 

The band have a new single out this month "I can't wait for Christmas" available to download from Amazon, iTunes etc. Catch their video on YouTube.


 Dynamite had their full length CD "Rock 'til you drop" released and is available from Amazon and iTunes as a download or physical CD. The CD is by far the best way to listen to it.



The latest classic rock band to come out of the UK has signed to Tabitha. "Dynamite" have their first single, "Black" a live track was released on 13 June 2014. It is only be available as a download from all the usual sites. 

Airplay has been fantastic and is building nicely.

Their ten track studio album  "Rock 'til you drop" is available now on CD released 11 July 2014 and will also be available to download. Live dates are currently being booked to promote the album across Europe.

Cockney John 

We've released another single by Cockney John "Hole in my head" taken from their album. The video was fun to shoot over in Cyprus and we've had fantastic feedback not only on the video but loads of airplay around the world.

We will also be promoting another track from the album to coincide with the World Football Cup. "Brazil" will be heavily promoted during June and July.

CD's are available from us or you can download all tracks from Amazon and iTunes. 


 22 May 2013 saw the release of the single and album of the same name from "Cockney John" from Tabitha Records TABCD130

During the mid-70's you could find yourself packed shoulder to shoulder with like-minded music-loving strangers in sweaty London clubs watching and listening to Punk and new wave music.

In 2013, we have Cockney John who is an enigma, a throwback from the life and music of that period but 100% fun.

This album is a musical cocktail of anything that was 70’s punk and new wave with a twist of today. That genre of music mixed with the original tunes from songsmith Vic Malcolm means that once you hear them you will not get them out of your head.

 Cockney John is already a success, so much so that he needs his minder Geordie Jack at his side 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Their first single “How Many Times” due for release on 22 May 2103 is already picking up airplay around Europe and we hope that you will give it a listen and play on your show.

“Music in 2013 will never be the same…”

 “Every party should have a copy of this CD…”

 Cockney John’s album “How many times” is available from Tabitha Records and on download from iTunes and Amazon. John - Produced .mp3


 All of these releases will be backed up by extensive radio interviews and live acoustic sessions 

The three track EP  "Love come down" by Daniella Sage  is already receiving massive exposure and airplay across Europe.

" One more time"  a three track EP of acoustic tracks from Australian band Kotadama getting loads of airplay.

The first single "I can't complain" c/w "Hold me" by another new signing Jay Tamkin - a fantastic solo artist who toured Germany and Holland for much of November and December in 2012.To promote the single will now be carrying out promo acoustic dates in selected venues around England.

See his web site - for full details

We will also be releasing a six track full length album of original blues tracks written and recorded by Jay to coincide with his European tour in the spring.


We had a great 2012 and are all looking forward to this year and releases by our existing artists and several new bands we have recently signed.

The Eye Spy Christmas single exceeded our expectations and received massive airplay and downloads throughout December.

26 October 2012 - Bo Walton's fourth single release was cancelled. 

12 October 2012 - Release of the first single by our latest signing from Australia, "Kotadama". We are already getting loads of airplay around the world. They filmed the the video for their single in India.

4 October 2012 - Release of "Endure" the first album by our new Australian band "Kotadama".

28 June 2012 - Due to popular demand from DJ's and radio presenters around the world Bo's first single "'S TOO MUCH" c/w "HEY MISTER NIGHT" featuring Mark Knopfler was re-released on 28 June 2012.

14 April 2012 - Bo's third single "I LIKE IT LIKE THAT" and "I'M THE ONE YOU NEED" was released on CD and download. It is getting massive airplay across the UK, Europe and the USA.




"WILD AT HEART" by Bo Walton was at NUMBER ONE in the British & Irish Country Charts for two weeks.



 Tabitha Records was formed in 1976 by Graham & Denise Sclater and is based in the United Kingdom. We don't specialise in any particular genre but our records have been regularly released all over the world including Japan, Korea, China, Germany,Spain, Jamaica and Trinidad and we have achieved a great deal of success in those and other territories.

We are currently heavily promoting  Bo Walton who signed with us in September last year. See the news section for scheduled radio interviews. 

Bo's third double "A" sided single " I like it like that" c/w "I'm the one you need will be available from 14 April 2012 or can be ordered now. "I'm the one you need " is not available on the album.

Bo's second single - Bo Walton goes Wild! - "WILD AT HEART" c/w "WILD WOMAN" released 27 January 2012 is now available on download.

Bo's twelve track album entitled "WAITING ON A DREAM" is available now from Amazon and many other download sites! 

What a review for Bo's first album?:  "I receive many CD's every week. Most I listen to 30 seconds of each song put them away and that's it. The Bo Walton CD is not one of them... I have listened to this CD 3 times in a row non stop. Is it Buddy... Is it Roy... Is it Elvis... Is it Charlie Gracie, who is it? It’s Bo Walton with a fresh clean and new approach to the music that appeals to wide range of listeners... in the words of one of his songs “I Like It Like That!”"

Jimmy Jay USA  NB You must check out Jimmy's site

NB We do have a limited number of promo copies on a first come first served basis as the track "Wild woman" will not be available on the album.

Bo's first release was the single, "'S TOO MUCH" c/w "HEY MISTER NIGHT" and featured Mark Knopfler on guitar and that CD was released 24 November 2011.

Airplay has been phenomenal on radio stations across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world and "WILD AT HEART" is continuing that exposure.

All tracks have been co-written by Bo and produced by John David at his Berry Hill Studio Gloucestershire. 

 Here is the promo video of the second single:"Wild at heart"


 Here is the promo video for the first single: "'s too much"


 NB We have a very limited number of signed copies of "'s too much" available - first come first served

Bo Walton wurde in dem kleinen Dorf Marden in Herefordshire als Sohn von Ron und Kathleen Walton

geboren. Er hat noch ein großer Bruder David und eine kleine Schwester Sarah. Im Alter von 8/9 Jahren fing er an, sich die Alben seines Vaters von Elvis, Eddie Cochran und Buddy Holly sowie später auch

vom englischen Elvis – Billy Fury anzuhören. Im Alter von 16 gründete er seine erste Live Band, die überwiegend Pop-Rock Covers spielte, aber auch ab und zu ein Track von Elvis oder Cochran, und es wurde deutlich, wie ihn diese Art der Musik beeinflusste!

 Bo, der wegen der Musik immer den Rückhalt seiner Familie hatte, fing genauso wie sein Vater, der selbst ein Singer/Songwriter war, an zu schreiben. Durch einen Freund seines Vaters machte Bo die Bekanntschaft von John David. John erkannte das Talent von Bo sofort und sie fingen an, Material zu schreiben und aufzunehmen; Material, das von jener Musik beeinflusst wurde, die John mit Dave Edmonds gespielt hatte, und auch von den alten Alben, mit den Bo groß geworden war.

 Vor sechs Monate hat Ron (Bo’s Vater) eigenes Material an Graham Sclater zur Veröffentlichung geschickt, und diese Lieder wurden von Graham bei Tabitha Publishing publiziert. Während er sich diese Demos angehörte, war Graham von dem Gesang verblüfft, und er fragte, wer der Sänger war.

Ron informierte ihn, dass es sein eigener Sohn Bo war. Graham verlangte, mehr davon zu hören, das tat er auch, und so kam Tabitha Records ins Spiel (Tabitha ist Grahams Plattenfirma). Der Rest findet jetzt mit viel harter Arbeit von Graham und eine starke Glaube an das Produkt (das haben wir alle) statt. Das erste Single wurde am 24. November veröffentlicht und wird von einem Album in Februar 2012 gefolgt.

 bowalton Ha scritto:  L'album di debutto da Bo Walton - "Waiting on a Dream" - è dovuto per il rilascio febbraio / marzo 2012 e sarà caratterizzato da Notte Hey Mister e, per la prima volta, Miss You Bad. Entrambe le tracce caratteristica leggendario chitarrista Mark Knopfler!

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